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Devexperts: Engineering Grading System

At Devexperts, we use the Grading System which:

  • Synchronizes engineering grades across the company,
  • Makes career levels transparent,
  • Specifies our expectations from engineering managers and individual contributors (engineers).

Here are some basic principles we follow:

  • Prove your skills first to get an upgrade.
  • Your hard skills set does not guarantee your level upgrade. Your impact on the project plays a much bigger role.
  • Different levels require different balances between skills.
  • No level downgrades.
  • It’s an Employee’s responsibility to showcase their achievements.
  • The best upgrade is the one that’s evident to everyone.
  • Levels are cumulative. Each subsequent level incorporates the previous ones.
  • Ideally, the grading documentation should be reviewed more than once a year through recurrent one-on-ones.

There are 7 grade levels for Engineers (E1 - E7) and 3 grade levels for Engineering Managers(EM1 - EM3). These tracks are not dead ends. We offer a range of customized career development options to help you achieve your goals.

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